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Extended Family Photography in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

With each passing year it seems more and more difficult to gather your entire family in one zip code. It's (of course), a great time to book an extended family session! So, now that you have gathered your crew and booked your session, how should you prepare? Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. The Outfits: First and foremost, choose outfits that make you feel good and comfortable! That feeling of confidence will shine through in your photos. Dress for the weather; it’s especially hard for kids if they are feeling way too hot or too cold. Don’t be afraid of colors, textures and patterns but I recommend avoiding pinstripes and logos. It's also great if mom can find an outfit that she's feels confident in first then dress the rest of the family accordingly. A mix of textures and colors that coordinate rather than match exactly will give your photos more interest and look stunning. Remember to include shoes (or plan to go barefoot) when you’re considering the overall look and coordination of your outfits; your feet may appear in some of the photos. I am always happy to provide examples (and will send along my more detailed guide upon booking)!

2. Prepare a Shotlist: This is a list of all of the combinations of people that you would like to have photographed together. Ex: Grandma and Grandpa , kids with Grandma and Grandpa, siblings alone, siblings with parents, etc. It doesn’t need to be super organized or fancy. Just jot down your must have shots on a piece a paper or send me an email ahead of time. This will give us something to refer to throughout the session and make sure nothing is missed!

3. Communicate: Let your family know the importance of these photos! Is it for grandma and grandpa to have photos with their grandkids? Is Nana 85 and has no photos with his great grandkids? Or have you added new little ones to the mix and need to update the family portrait in the living room? Make sure each family member knows how important these photos are to you and why you'd like to have them taken.

4. Try Not to Worry!

This may be most important (and the hardest to do). Try to abandon any expectations and I will handle the rest. The kids may not behave perfectly or someone may be running late and that's okay! I will make sure we have plenty of beautiful photos! Some of your favorite photos may be those you least expect, where your interactions are the center focus. We will make wonderful memories and have fun while doing it!

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